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vooooootes please:


Once I've stamped them I will reward you with a mirror theme so go vote pretty please with sugar on top? 

Also, I just noticed I haven't mentioned anything about how many open applications you can have at a time (I think I haven't at least), so... you can have up to two open applications at a time! So if you haven't already done these, you can apply for both (but you must have a regular stamp before doing so): MOVIE THEME | FANTASTIC MR. FOX THEME
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bad bad mod comes bearing gifts!

So, things have been very slow here for a while now. And I should've posted a new theme ages ago! I'm sorry D:

Anyway, my gift for you is: The Fantastic Mr. Fox theme! (I know, I know, mirror theme was supposed to be next, but I'm working on it. In the meanwhile, enjoy this theme :) I'll post the mirror theme sometime later this month hopefully.)


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a quick promotion:

starwarsstamps  starwarsstamps  starwarsstamps

snorkack  decided lj needs an active Tarantino stamping comm! Go join! :)

Also, please remember to vote on the unstamped applications! We only have two at the moment :) Also, our theme for March will be mirror since it got the second most votes on the theme poll. Thank you!
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A small promotion:

Hello! Just thought I'd promote a few of our new affiliates:

furuba_rate : A Fruits Basket stamping comm
skins_rating : A stamping comm for E4's Skins
cinemastamps : A stamping comm for movies
phoenix_stamps : A stamping comm for River Phoenix

So if you're even slightly interested, go and join :) Also, if you're a fan of Owen Wilson (who happens to be one of Wes's regulars), you should join owenation !